Customizing or adding a PDF invoice in Clientexec

Since Clientexec version 5.1 you can customize the PDF invoices as described bellow.

CE has three types of invoice templates.
1. default
2. dickey
3. harouth

We will first copy the following invoice template


Each template has the following files, that you can edit to meet your needs:


Create your own templates by creating a new folder, such as:


Make sure your new folder also includes the 2 required files. You can start by adding a copy of those files from the default template.

Additionally, to add your own logo to the PDF invoices, make sure to upload the image logo (.jpg or .png) to:

/images/invoicelogo.jpg, or

Finally you will get an invoice like this

Finally, to configure the default template to be used for the PDF invoices, please go to:

Settings > Billing > Invoices > Invoice Template

Also you can configure which template will be used by each user. To do so, go to:

Client Profile > Billing > Invoice PDF Template

Client Profile > Billing > Invoice PDF Template
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